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Welcome to Heatherglen - Home of the Tucker Scotties

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The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier originates in Scotland and England where he was used to quell vermin on farms. Terrier bloodlines weren’t well documented at the time, as farmers were not interested a dog’s lineage, only in his abilities.

The first Scotties to enter the United States were Tam Glen and Bonnie Belle in 1883. A year later Scotties were introduced to the American Kennel Club.

Sizing up:

Weight: 18 to 22 lbs.

Height: 10 inches

Coat: Hard, wiry

Color: Black, brindle or wheaten

Life expectancy: 11 to 13 years

What’s the Scottish Terrier like?

The Scottish Terrier is nicknamed the “Diehard,” and that should give you some indication of his personality. He’s independent, feisty and not afraid to stand up for himself. He’s always ready to play and to chase. Remember that his preferred game is small animals, so keep the family hamster far away.

The Scottish Terrier remembers harsh treatment, and this method won’t be effective during training. The Scottish Terrier would do better with a reward based system and a gentle voice. The Scottish Terrier has a long standing history as a working dog and will require exercise every day. Anything less could lead to obnoxious levels of barking. 


Try and find a Scottie whose personality matches your own, start by talking with the breeder. If you’ve found one with experience – and we hope you have – the breeder can help guide you to the perfect fit.

If you are new to Scottish Terriers why not learn from the experts. The Scottish Terrier Club of America has a great website. The STCA website is filled with information about the Scottie Health, Rescue, Articles about the Breed, Regional Clubs around the Country and a Breeder Referral List by State.


Heatherglen Scots

We are the TuckerScotties of Heatherglen. This is our Website from our beginning until present. We have a photogallery from when we lived in Pennsylvania to present, here in the State of Georgia. We also have a Facebook where you can follow us.


Here is the Artwork of us, beautifully illustrated by Pamela Harden of the famous Whippety Wood.


Charlie, Calla, Henry, Maggie 

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