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CH Wolburn Beltaine Calla Lilly, 

April 8, 2008 - August 24, 2021



AM CH Charthill Woburn High Spirit ROM x AM CH Blonde Beth Flower of Brigadoon


 Every once in a while a real sweetheart comes along, and this little girl fits that description to a "T" for Tucker.

Forever in our hearts sweet Calla, until we meet again.

God Speed Sweet Calla
Be with Henry, &  Maggie


AM CH Dance with Me "Henry

January 14, 2006 - January 2018

Henry is always with us, even though is has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. He's in our heart and he presents himself every day watching over us and his brother and sisters. 


Henry was a very Special Scottie Boy filled with sweetness, character and soul. We love and cherish him with all our heart.  Henry is and always will be Momma's baby boy.  'Henry' will forever be in my heart, see you at the Bridge baby boy. 

God Speed Henry


August - 2008 - May 2021


Maggie came to us from Tennesee Scottie Rescue after being found as a stray. Thank you Ginger for this loving, sweet, stubborn Scottie girl. She is Queen of the house and rules the boys, and has us wrapped around her paws. Miss Maggie loves to eat and play ball, and socialize with humans. She is not shy about demanding what she wants. We love you Miss Maggie. 


July 14, 2009 - March 2020


Charlie Tucker, hails from St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue, in St. Louis Missouri. Charlie came to live with us when he was a puppy out of a litter of six in need of  rescue. He is a fine boy, sweet, loyal and a little bit scittish, but does very well with obedience training. We love this little man very much. He is silly and has a unique pawsonality which we adore. Charlie loves to play with his ring toys and chase birds in the back yard.


CH Wolburn Beltaine Calla Lilly, 

April 8, 2008



AM CH Charthill Woburn High Spirit ROM x AM CH Blonde Beth Flowr of Brigadoon 


We are now proud parents  retired show champion, "Calla". We do many fun activities with her and the other Heatherglen Scotties. Calla obtained her 'Intsinct' title in Barn Hunt but then decided she was more interested in socializing than finding the rats. So Calla's new job is responsible for guarding the homestead from all cats, skinks and other critters that appear to invade her territory. We are considering other companion events but that depends on Calla's interests.

Calla - 5 x7 72 pix.jpg
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